According to recent studies conducted by Dove Medical Press, engaging in painting is associated with an increase level of happiness. I have a series of paintings that were inspired by the beautiful music of Bob Dylan. These are very earthy paintings with great depth and the newer ones appear to be painted on leather. These paintings are painted on stretched heavy cotton duck canvas. The canvas has been layered with many coats of primer and grounds to produce a stressed leather like appearance. The oil painting is then painted with multiple layers of paints and glazes to create great depth on top of this surface. It gives the piece a very dramatic and unusual look, as if the painting was painted upon actual leather and shows great depth with glowing.

I also have a series inspired by the music of Leonard Cohen. His music has just swept me off my feet. Incredible! You can see some of his works in the gallery listed to the left. His music inspired works are now starting to take on a look uniquely his own. I would imagine in a month or two the full Leonard Cohen music inspired style will be evident.

Be sure to visit the Lampwork category to see my latest hot glass pieces. I became interested in glass and working with it. So, I bought every book I could on the subject and have since been learning how to lampwork glass. This has been a very wonderful experience and my work seems to change everytime I get behind the torch. There is so much I wish to do and so little time. Anyway, I will be adding new glass bead pieces frequently under the lampwork category for you to use to create your own wearable pieces of art.

All of my handmade lampwork glass beads are designed and created by me, Bonnie G. Morrow. I have wonderful and unique focal beads along with other interesting beads in rounds, squares, lentils, spree lentils, pillows, kaleras, nuggets, lovins, crystals, diamonds, barrels and flattened rounds. These are wonderful artist created beads using the finest glass, sterling silver, copper and gold along with specialty glasses such aas dichroic and Double Helix. I handmake my own twisties, some frits and some special color blends of glass. I use wonderful frits, stringers, twisties, filigrana, millefiori, sterling silver, gold, copper, enamels, aventurine, reduction glass, pixie dust, enamel, glow dust and I am constantly looking for new items to incorporate into my designs. I try to post new beads at least once a week, so check back often.

Unique Upscale Original Contemporary Modern Abstract Fine Art canvas Paintings to brighten your lives and your walls! Enjoy the orbs, mixed media, acrylics, and collage works. A SMART INVESTMENT that you can enjoy in your own home on a daily basis! Original Spiritual abstract modern art oils and acrylics orbs religious paintings by Bonnie G. Morrow / Ambrosia Arts.

Please send me your best offer if a piece speaks to you!

Thank you for visiting the gallery of Bonnie G. Morrow. I hope you enjoyed the upscale fine art original contemporary modern abstract paintings in oils and acrylics that are currently available. See the multiple Paintings categories for my latest paintings. Thank you for joining me on this fine art journey through the spiritual world of orbs, the Bob Dylan inspired geometric series and other adventures in paintings created with music. Keep an eye out for the occassional mixed media piece and collage that I will add to the site along with my paintings of oils and acrylics. Please be sure to visit often and browse my Original Paintings, as I add new paintings frequently. Thank you, again, and have a lovely week.

Best ~ Bonnie G Morrow / Ambrosia Arts

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