From my lifelong home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I have been designing and creating for over 30 years. I am a self taught artist and my upscale impressionist contemporary paintings are collected throughout the world.

I have been creating original art my entire life. In 2002, I began to seriously pursue abstract art paintings. By 2003, I was making my living from my contemporary paintings. I have been creating abstract paintings – fine art canvas paintings full time since then. I have my work shown and listed in several areas. I have over 1000 customers who own several pieces of my work. Some of my customers refer to their homes as the Bonnie Morrow galleries. My upscale contemporary art can be seen in both private and public galleries throughout the world.

I am a full time artist Member of/ Listed with: Fine Art Registry, World Artist Directory,, Abstract Earth Gallery, EBSQ,,,, Wet Canvas, Gallery Worldwide, Boundless Gallery,, Saatchi Gallery, Fine Arts America, Daily Painters, Artist’s Registry Port Townsend, Art Majeur International,, Art and Design Online, Worl Artist Directory, Fine Art Registry, Web Fine Artists, Glass Art Society.

My modern art is an expression of me. It expresses where my emotions are at the particular time that I create something. I try to reflect in my work the current emotions that are in me and how I perceive them. Currently my preferred medium is acrylics, but I also love to oil paintings. I also dabble in mixed media and collage. I love to blend and combine colors and I also enjoy the movement and emotions that can be expressed in my abstract art paintings. Most of my abstract fine art orbs original paintings are signed BG Morrow.

I love to listen to music while I paint. I select the music and the paint colors that I see for the day. Once my work begins that is when the magic occurs. It is the paint that takes over, it seems to have a life of its own and I am merely the one who holds the brush. It is one of the most incredible feelings and I become totally engrossed, yet somewhat unaware of what is taking place and before I know it most of the day has passed. I usually run out of daylight long before I run out of the desire to paint. I usually collapse when I am done painting as it seems to sap every bit of energy from me.
I have chosen abstract as my preferred painting form, as it allows me pure freedom of movement, color and design, expressionism,  but also keep an eye out for the occassional mixed media / collage artwork.

I am very passionate about all of my varied forms of artistic expression. Every piece I create takes a part of me with it. I put my heart and soul into everything that I do. p4

RECENT INSPIRATION – HEAVEN: After several brushes with death over the past several years I decided to completely follow my true calling in life and to paint daily. This is something I used to do when I was younger and kind of let slide over the years. It is my true passion in life and I intend on following it and anywhere it might take me for the rest of my years. I appreciate your support of me in this endeavor.

I have found my inspiration for my upscale contemporary paintings in many areas throughout my life, usually from my dreams. That is how I came up with my business name, Ambrosia Arts, from a dream. Ambrosia: Food for the Gods.
I have been painting squares for many years, but suddenly I was drawn to paint circles. I put down my oils and started working mainly in acrylics. Recently I have been seeing visions of what I interpreted to be heaven and spirits. So, I have been trying to paint what I have seen. I see heaven as a very soft and serene place with colors mixing softly with one another, but no edges – hence the GLIMPSE OF HEAVEN Series. I then saw these orbs or circles as spirits that should be set in the Glimpse of Heaven series. Next came these waves of movement through the heavens, which inspired the HEAVEN WAVES Series. This was followed by the distorted waves of movement and orbs/circles that became the SOUNDS OF HEAVEN Series. I see this as a very soothing and gently moving sound that surrounds you and carries you away. This has all been a very spiritual process for me, as I knew the orbs/circles were what I thought to be souls – life itself. Now Heaven is in everything I paint.

I was then contacted by a person who had seen my work and he was wondering if I had been inspired by the ORBS study. I did not know anything about orbs and looked into it on the internet. It seems they show up on photos and there is a lot of study of them by scientists. I found it very interesting reading as a few photos I saw of the orbs were exactly what I had seen to paint. I think it is simply incredible, especially what I feel about these paintings and then seeing the photos of the orbs. I have shown several members of my family and friends and they all think it is just odd how my painting style changed so drastically (from painting mainly squares) and I am now possessed by painting these circles, calmness and shafts of light and then when they see the photos of the orbs, they are just amazed at the similarities between the two when I had never seen the orbs study before. I really feel there must be some sort of connection, but I don’t know what it is. The scientists have explained these orbs to be types of plasma orbs / energies. Anyway, it is how they are currently describing them. I thought that was odd, as I was very sure that what I had seen as these circles / orbs was living and not just plasma energy.

Then I was watched a show I had recorded with Sylvia Browne on it. Someone in the audience mentioned that every time she took a photo inside her home she would get these round circles on the pictures. Sylvia says (like it is common knowledge and everyone should know it) – those are p6orbs – orbs are angels. So, I guess I may be right in what I had seen to paint – the heaven and spirit circles / orbs that are angels.

It all makes wonderful sense to me now and I do feel I am on the right track with my painting. I don’t know where this journey is taking me, but nothing has ever felt so right.

I listen to music while I paint and about a half hour or so into it, things just begin to happen. I begin to see things and it is like I am there, but I am not. So, I just let what happens happen. It is an odd feeling and I have never been able to explain it to anyone so I feel that they can understand what I go through while painting religious paintings. So, here goes and I hope you can understand: It is like I go elsewhere within my body. It takes me some time to get to that point, about a half hour or so, and then things just begin to happen and I just paint what I see. When I am done, I am just exhausted and feel like I could sleep for days and usually do fall asleep the minute I sit down. Once I get going I feel like I could paint forever and do until I either run out of daylight or become exhausted. The hardest part is to get other people to understand not to interrupt me while painting, as I then have to “come back down to earth” and I loose that very special moment I was in.

So, this will be an adventure for me as well as you, if you follow my work. Thank you for supporting my contemporary paintings so I am able to continue to paint. Join me on my spiritual journey anytime.

In February, 2007, Bonnie had an art show in Fort Myers, Florida and sold all of her works at that show.

Thank you for visiting the gallery of Bonnie G. Morrow, Artist. I hope you enjoyed the upscale original contemporary modern abstract paintings in oils and acrylics that are currently available. See Original Paintings category. Thank you for joining me on this fine art journey through the spiritual world of orbs and the influence of music on artwork. Keep an eye out for the occassional mixed media piece and collage that I will add to the site along with my paintings of oils and acrylics.

In 2006 I became very interested in learning about working with hot glass. I purchased all of the books I could find on Lampworking and began reading. In Late summer 2006 I set up my lampworking studio and began experimenting. What an interesting experience this has turned out to be. I had no idea there was so much to know about glass. I just accepted glass for being glass and not the complicated and unusual structure that it is. What a journey this has been. In 2007 I began selling some of my works and they have been very well received. I continue to learn something new about glass and its capabilities daily.

Please be sure to visit often and browse my Original Paintings and Lampwork Glass, as I add new paintings and beads frequently. Thank you, again, and have a lovely week.

Best ~ Bonnie G Morrow / Ambrosia Arts